Not-for-Profit Directors & Officers Claim Examples
Review claim examples related to Directors & Officers Liability.

Not-for-Profit Employment Practice Liability Claim Examples
Review claim examples related to Employment Practice Liability.

Not-for-Profit Fiduciary Liability Claim Examples
Review claim examples related to Fiduciary Liability.

Who can sue a non-profit board?
This informational article from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center discusses the potential claimants in a suit against nonprofit directors.

Nonprofit Organizations: Emerging Economic Force and Litigation Target

In the Advisen Management Liability Journal, this article discusses how nonprofit organizations are an emerging economic force in the United States and are thus, facing new exposures and claims.

Myths of Volunteer Immunity
This Advisen white paper reports that many in the nonprofit sector mistakenly believe volunteer immunity laws will provide complete protection to volunteers but this sadly is not the case.   

Volunteering for Trouble or Trouble with Volunteers?: A Guide to the Liability Risks for Nonprofits and their Volunteers
This article will provide an overview of some of the legal issues presented by the use of volunteers

 Advisen October 2016 Information Security and Cyber Risk Management Survey
The Advisen 6th Annual Survey on the current state and trends in information security and cyber risk management